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Manuscript Guidelines for
Archaeology of Eastern North America (AENA)
ISSN 0360-1021

Manuscripts for AENA should be submitted to the Editor: Arthur E. Spiess, Maine Historic Preservation Commission, State House Station 65, Augusta, Maine, 04333. Initial contact and questions can be sent to the Editor by email by using arthur.spiess@maine.gov. Electronic copy (WordPerfect or Word format) is encouraged for an initial submission if the author has questions about suitability of the article for publication in AENA.

Manuscripts will undergo peer review at the explicit request of the author(s) and at the editorís discretion, otherwise they will be reviewed by the editor. Submit original manuscript and tables, plus photocopies of graphics, in duplicate for peer review. All text should be double-spaced. For text citations and references use American Antiquity format, but please supply first names of authors in the references if at all possible. In addition to paper copies, authors are encouraged to submit their final manuscripts on IBM-format diskettes (3.5") or CD, but the submission of final electronic copy should await editorial review. WordPerfect 8 (or higher) files or Word files are preferred. We can convert from MacIntosh format but with decreased accuracy on punctuation and formatting. Final photograph submissions must be black and white glossy prints with good contrast, or electronic (IBM/PC) format, tiff files or highest quality jpeg files. Final line drawing art work may be submitted as original, although high quality, clean photocopies may be acceptable. Electronic copy of some art work may be acceptable depending on quality and format. Please number all photographs and line drawings consecutively as figures and reference them in the text. Data tables should be numbered consecutively as tables and referenced in the text.

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