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Archaeology of Eastern North America
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Locus 10: An Atlantic Phase Terminal Archaic Lithic Workshop in Marshfield, MA Brianna Rae and Brian D. Jones
Scute Differentiation Between Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon: An Archaeological Investigation David B. Halliwell and Arthur E. Spiess
Shell and Shell-Bearing Sites in the Carolinas: Some Observations Cheryl Claassen
Late Maritime Woodland to Protohistoric Culture Change and Continuity at the Devil's Head Site, Calais, Maine M. Gabriel Hrynick, W. Jesse Webb, Christopher E. Shaw, and Taylor C. Testa
Evidence of Early Holocene Prehistoric Activity: A Case for the Gulf of Maine Archaic Tradition in Central Massachusetts Alan E. Strauss
Maize and Pits: Late Prehistoric Occupations of the Hurley Site in the Esopus Creek Valley,
Ulster County, New York
John P. Hart, Hetty Jo Brumbach, Lisa M. Anderson, and Susan Winchell-Sweeney
Microwear Analysis of the Potter Site and Its Implications for the Use of Expedient Technology Heather M. Rockwell
Insights from End Scrapers: a Case Study in Lithic Technology from the Late Woodland of
Southern Ontario
Jeffrey A. Bursey
Within the Jack's Reef Horizon: An Intrasite Analysis of the Chipped Stone Assemblage from the Clark Site (33WA124) in Southwest Ohio Wendy Church and Robert A. Cook
Coastal Environments and Carolina Prehistory: A Shell Midden on the Little River Neck,
South Carolina
Carolyn D. Dillian
The Long Branch Site (31 JK4 77): A Late Archaic Savannah River Phase Occupation in the
Appalachian Summit of Western North Carolina
Thaddeus G. Bissett and Patrick H. Garrow
St. Lawrence Iroquoian Projectile Points: A Regional Perspective William Engelbrecht and Bruce Jamieson
Metz Transitional Ware (B.C. 300- A.D. 700): A Case for Cultural Continuity in North Central Ohio from the Leimbach Culture to the Sandusky Tradition George B. DeMuth, Glenwood Boatman, William Young, Roger Edgerly, Richard Gross and Timothy Edwards
Late Woodland Subsistence at the W olfersteig Site: A Multi-component Site on the Esopus Creek Joseph E. Diamond, Thomas Amorosi, and David Perry
An Unusual Paleoindian Cache in Eastern Pennsylvania: Experiments and Insights into Fluted Point Manufacture Jack Cresson and Jay McManus
Ossuary Burials in Middle Atlantic Landscapes Dennis C. Curry
Early Woodland Coastal Foraging at the Savage Neck Shell Midden (44NH478), Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Torben Rick, Michael Barber, Darrin Lowery, John Wah, and Michael Madden
Meadowood South of the Mason-Dixon Line: An Early Woodland Meadowood Presence
on the Delmarva Peninsula
Darrin Lowery, Torben Rick, Michael Barber, John Wah, and Michael Madden
Prehistoric Pipes and the Patterning of Ritual Behavior at Pig Point Al Luckenbach, Mandy Melton, and Shawn Sharpe
Summary Results of Data Recovery Investigations at Site 46MR0139, Marshall County, West Virginia Michael B. Hornum, Kristopher R. West, and William C. Johnson
The Stone and Ceramic Vessels of the Anderson-Sainz Collection, Staten Island, New York Scott F. Kostiw
Fluted Points at the Sugarloaf and Bull Brook Sites: The Temporal Position of the
“Bull Brook Phase”
Richard Michael Gramly
Cairnfields in New England’s Forgotten Pastures Timothy H. Ives
The Crawford Site: a Late Prehistoric Storage Site along the Walhonding River in Central
Coshocton County, Ohio
Nigel Brush, Jeffrey Dilyard, Jarrod Burks, P. Nick Kardulias, and James Morton
The Net Weight Site: a Single Component Late Middle Woodland to Early Late Woodland Site Located in Schoharie, New York Thomas A. Anderson
The Archaeology of Little Wood Creek: New Chronometric Evidence Joel W. Grossman, Lucille L. Johnson and Dorothy M. Peteet
A Study of the Bifurcated-stemmed Projectile Point Emil Giotta
A Functional Analysis of Middle Archaic Stemmed Points from the Mohantic Fort Site, Mashantucket, Connecticut Timothy H. Ives
A Microscopic Examination of Materials Adhering to Two Early Woodland Copper Objects from West Virginia and Pennsylvania Mark A. McConaughy, Gretchen E. Anderson, and Deborah G. Harding
The Shawanaga Site (BjHb-1): a Possible Middle Archaic Component from North of Parry Sound, Ontario Jeffrey A. Bursey
Changing Scales of Lithic Raw Material Transport among Early Hunter-Gatherers in Midcontiental North America Andrew White
Abrupt Changes of Climate and of Point Styles along the Atlantic Seaboard of Eastern North America: How Were They Connected? Stuart J. Fiedel
Refining The Paleoindian Lithic Source Network at Cliche-rancourt Using XRF Adrian L. Burke, Gilles Gauthier and Claude Chapdelaine
The Tenant Swamp Site and Paleoindian Domestic Space in Keene, New Hampshire Robert G. Goodby, Paul Bock, Edward Bouras, Christopher Dorion, A. Garrett Evans, Tonya Largy,
Stephen Pollock, Heather Rockwell, and Arthur Spiess
Prehistoric Steatite Acquisition and Transport: A Predictive Framework Heather A. Wholey and Thomas D. Shaffer
Prehistoric Occupuations at the Pethick Site, Schoharie County, New York Sean Rafferty, Christina B. Rieth, and Steven Moragne
Introduction: After Hopewell: The Jack's Reef Horizon John Halsey
Jack's Reef in the Chesapeake and Depmarva Region: Research into the Coastal Archaeology of the Era Between circa cal A.D. 480 and cal A.D. 900 Darrin Lowery
The Jack's Reef Horizon in Pennsylvania: A Preliminary Assessment Mark McConaughy
An Examination of Jack's Reef in New Jersey Jesse Walker
Jack's Reef Points in Northern New England: Exotic Lithics and Long-distance Interaction in the Post-Hopewell Northeast Robert Goodby
After Hopewell in Southern Quebec Christian Gates St. Pierre and Claude Chapdelaine
Space, Time and the Middle Woodland "Jack's Reef Horizon" in New York Christina Rieth
Intrusive Mound, Western Basin, and the Jack's Reef Horizon: Reconsidering the Late Woodland Archaeology of Ohio Brian Redmond
More than Grave Lots?: The Jack's Reef Horizon in Michigan John Halsey and Janet Brashler
The Jack's Reef Horizon: Its Arrival and Distribution During the Late Woodland Period in Illinois Madeleine Evans and Andrew Fortier
Are Ancestors of Contact Period Ethnic Groups Recognizable in the Archaeological Record of the Late Woodland? Stuart Fiedel
Final Questions John Halsey
A Late Maritime Woodland Period Dwelling Feature from Nova Scotia's South Shore: Evidence for Patterned Domestic Space M. Gabriel Hrynick, Matthew Betts, and David Black
The Delmarva Adena Complex: A Study of the Frederica Site, Kent County, Delaware Darrin Lowery
The Bridge Valley Cache: Evidence of Argillite Biface Caching from Buck's County, Pennsylvania Carolyn Dillian and Charles Bello
Reconsidering Early Seventeenth Century A.D. Susquehannock Settlement Patterns: Excavation and Analysis of the Lemoyne Site, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Andrew Wyatt
Flakes Giving you Lip? Let them Speak: An Examination of the Relationship Between Percussor Type and Lipped Platforms Bill Schindler and Jeremy Koch
Early Archaic Lithic Technology: A Case Study from Southern Ontario Jeremy Bursey
The Myers Site, Putnam County, Ohio and Middle Woodland Long Distance Interaction James Krakker
Archaeo-Astronomical Prospecting at the Moose Hill Stone Chambers Frederick Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Polly Midgley and Walter Wheeler
The Thunderbird Motif in Northeastern Indian Art Edward Lenik
Site 33HO706: A Late Early Woodland Adena Occupation in the Hocking River Floodplain Michael B. Hornum and Jarrod Burks
Re-visiting Wampum and Other Seventeenth-Century Shell Games James W. Bradley
Colonoware Bead Production and African American Tradition at 38GE560, Georgetown County, South Carolina Carolyn D. Dillian
The Thurman Station Site: A Probable Late Paleoindian Ceremonial Artifact Deposit in the Lake George
Region of New York
Francis W. Robinson IV
Integrated Geology, Paleontology, and Archaeology: Native American Use of Fossil Shark Teeth in the
Chesapeake Bay Region
Darrin Lowery, Stephen J. Godfrey, and Ralph Eshelman
Re-Evaluating Colonization and Cultural Change During the Early Archaic Period in Northwestern Ohio Robert C. Chidester
The Heritage Hills Site and Early Postglacial Occupation of the Ottawa Valley Ken Swayze and Robert McGhee
A Late Holocene Radiocarbon Chronology for the Shell Middens of Fishing Bay, Maryland Torben C. Rick, Darrin L. Lowery, Gregory A. Henkes, and John S. Wah
A Wonderful Piece of Cooperative Work: Douglas F. Jordan's Contributions to Bull Brook Brian S. Robinson and Eugene Winter
AENA#38...2010 (101pp)  
Ossossané Ossuary: the Circle Closes Mima Kapches

Mythic Creatures: Serpents, Dragons, and Sea Monsters in Northeastern Rock Art

Edward J. Lenik

Museum Archaeology and Nineteenth Century Collections: An Argillite Blade Cache from Ridge’s Island, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Carolyn D. Dillian and Charles A. Bello
Pre-Clovis in Virginia: a Matter of Antiquity Wm Jack Hranicky
PIDBA (Paleoindian Database of the Americas) 2010: Current Status and Findings David G. Anderson, D. Shane Miller, Stephen J. Yerka, J. Christopher Gillarn, Erik N. Johanson, Derek T. Anderson, Albert C. Goodyear, Ashley M. Smallwood
Chemical Sourcing of a Prehistoric Freshwater Shell Artifact Using Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Evan Peacock, Ronald A. Palmer, Yunju Xia, Weston Bacon-Schulte, Bradley Carlock, and Jennifer Smith
The OEC I Site (33CU462): A Late Prehistoric Period Village Settlement in Northeastern Ohio Brian G. Redmond
Piper Airport Site 1: A Stewart Complex Settlement in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Ted M. Payne
Holocene Alluvial Geomorphology of the Memorial Park Site (36CN164), West Branch Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania David L. Cremeens and John P. Hart

Terra Incognita, Still: Archaeological Investigations in the Interior of the Island of Newfoundland

Donald H. Holly, Jr. and John C. Erwin
The Reagen Site Revisited: A Contemporary Analysis of a Formative Northeastern Paleoindian Site Francis Robinson IV

Some Paleoindian Tools from the Williamson Paleoindian Site in Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Wm Jack Hranicky

Archaeology of Marine Transgression: An Inundated Middle Archaic Burial in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Darrin Lowery and Ronald Martin

AENA#36...2008 (171pp)  
Decorated Soapstone Vessels Discovered along the Lower Susquehanna River Gary D. Shaffer
The Mykut Rockshleter, 36Hu143: An Upland Hunting/Butchering Station in Central Pennsylvania Paul A. Raber
Potential Functions of Vinette I Pottery: Complementary Use of Archaeological and Pyrolysis GC/MC Data Karine Taché, Daniel White, and Sarah Seelen
Prehistoric Utilization of Spherulitic and Flow Banded Rhyolites from Northern New Hampshire Stephen G. Pollock, Nathan D. Hamilton, and Richard A. Boisvert
What’s the Point?: Modal Forms and Attributes of Paleoindian Bifaces in the
New England-Maritimes Region
James W. Bradley, Arthur E. Spiess, Richard A. Boisvert, and Jeff Boudreau

AENA#35...2007 (175pp)  
James B. Petersen James B. Richardson III
Enduring Icon: A Wampanoag Thunderbird on an Eighteen-century English Manuscript from Martha's Vineyard Jill Bouck and James B. Richardson III
Dietary Indications for a St. Lawrence Iroquoian Site in Northern New England Frances L. Stewart and Ellen Cowie
James B. Petersen's Influence on the Studies of Paleoindian Occupations in the Northeast Mark A. McConaughy
Investigations into the European Provenance of Historic Gunflints from Fort Christanna, Virginia, through Trace Element Chemistry Christopher M. Stevenson, Emily Bikowski, Hector Neff, Michel Orliac, and Colin Pendleton
Quarry Source Areas and the Organization of Stone Tool Technology: A View from Quebec Adrian Burke
Analysis of an Obsidian Biface Reportedly Found in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont Matthew T. Boulanger, Thomas R. Jamison, Craig Skinner, and Michael D. Glascock
Crossing the Delaware: Documenting Super-Long Distance Obsidian Exchange in the Mid-Atlantic Carolyn D. Dillian, Charles A. Bello, and M. Steven Shackley
Stature Estimation for Prehistoric Ohio Valley Native American Populations based on Revisions of the Fully Technique Paul W. Sciulli and Brenda M. Hetland
Down in the Valley: New Approaches to Studies in Delaware Valley Prehistory Gregory D. Lattanzi
Picking up the pieces: New Paleoindian Research in the Upper Delaware Valley Joseph A.M. Gingerich
The Provenance of Pre-contact Copper Artifacts: Social Complexity and Trade in the Delaware Valley Gregory D. Lattanzi
A Polarizing View of Middle Woodland Pottery from the Delaware Valley George L. Pevarnik
The Context of Death: Burial Rituals in the Delaware Valley R. Dustin Cushman
Assessing Current Archaeological Research in the Delaware Valley R. Michael Stewart

AENA#34...2006 (188pp)  
The Social Implications of Younge Complex Mortuary Ritual: A Survey of Post-mortem Skeletal Modifications from Riviere Au Vase, Michigan
C. Scott Speal
A Model of Paleoindian Hafted Biface Chronology in Northeastern Indiana
Andrew A. White
Poverty or Natural Wisdom: Native Home Solutions in Eighteenth-Century Nantucket
Tonya Largy and Mary Lynne Rainey
Dispersed Villages in Late Woodland Period South-Coastal Rhode Island
Alan Leveillee, Joseph Waller, Jr., and Donna Ingham
Illustration Acknowledgments for ÒCommunalism among the Late Prehistoric/Protohistoric Intermontane and Monongahela CulturesÓ by David N. Fuerst
Editor's Note
Late to Transitional Archaic Exchange in Eastern Massachusetts
Curtiss Hoffman
The Thomas Paleoindian Site (7NC-D-4), New Castle County, Delaware
Andrew J. Stanzeski and Robert F. Hoffman
Holocene Land-use, Settlement Patterns, and Lithic Raw Material Use in Central West Virginia
Douglas H. MacDonald, Jonathan C. Lothrop, David L. Cremeens, and Barbara A. Munford
Cod, Clams and Deer: The Food Remains from Indiantown Island
Arthur Spiess, Kristin Sobolik, Diana Crader, John Mosher, and Deborah Wilson

AENA#33...2005 (178pp)  
Communalism among the Late Prehistoric/protohistoric Intermontane and Monongahela Cultures
David N. Fuerst
Prehistoric Rockshelter Use On Virginia’s Appalachian Plateaus: Settlement Patterns, Looting, and Survivability
Michael B. Barber
A Microblade Core from the Williamson Site, Dinwiddie County, Virginia Wm Jack Hranicky
Atlantic City Site 28AT105: A Paleoindian Site On the Present Day Coast of New Jersey Andrew J. Stanzeski
The Cullison Site: A Protohistoric Village in East Central Ohio Nigel Brush
A Preliminary Study on the Suitability of Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) for Identifying Hathaway Formation Chert from the Northern Champlain Valley of Vermon Matthew T. Boulanger, Allen D. Hathaway, Robert J. Speakman, and Michael D. Glascock
Middle Archaic Period Settlement and Lithic Use in Upper Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island and Southeastern Masssachusetts
Mary Lynne Rainey
Nanticoke Indian Burial Practices: Challenges for Archaeological Interpretation Gary D. Shaffer
Tundra, Ice, and a Pleistocene Cape on the Gulf of Maine: A Case of Paleoindian Transhumance Bertrand G. Pelletier and Brian S. Robinson

AENA#32...2004 (182pp)                                       
ÒMawooshenÓ Revisited: Two Native American Contact Period Sites on the Central Maine Coast Petersen, Blustain, and Bradley
More Precious than Gold: a Preliminary Study of the Varieties and Distribution of Pre-Contact Copper Artifacts in New Jersey Veit, Lattanzi, and Bello
Debitage Analysis of 27-HB-1, A Late Paleoindian/Archaic Stratified Site in Southern New Hampshire Boisvert and Bennett
Stability in a Time of Change: Contact Period Health in the Lower Susquehanna Valley Gagnon
Paleoindian Site Locations in New Jersey Pagoulatos
Two New Fluted Point Discoveries from Middlesex and Oxford Counties, Southwestern Ontario, Canada Timmermans
The Clauson Site: Late Archaic Settlement and Subsistence in the Uplands of Central New York Levine

AENA#31...2003 (177pp)                                     
A Preliminary Investigation of Population Dynamics Of the Upper Ohio Valley: AD 1200-1650 Sciulli, Lease, Brown, and Tatarek
Early Archaic Settlement Patterns of New Jersey Peter Pagoulatos
The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of a Drowned Land: Innu Nation Research along the Former Michikamats Lake Shore in Nitassinan (Interior Labrador) Loring, McCaffrey, Armitage, and Ashini
The Neal Garrison Paleoindian Site, York County, Maine Kellogg
The Cayuga Lake Archaeology Project: Surveying Marginalized Landscapes in New York's Finger Lakes Region Levine
Material Culture of the Contact Period In the Upper Potomac Valley: Chronological and Cultural Implications Wall and Lapham

AENA#30...2002 (189pp)                                     
Contact Period Petroglyphs in Machias Bay, Maine Hedden
Applied Archaeology Influencing Native Traditions: a Case From Rhode Island Leveille
Understanding Archaic Period Ground Stone Tool Technology Through Debitage Analysis from the Clark I Site, Norridgewock, Maine Will
A Survey of Pathological Conditions in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Scuilli
Rethinking the "Whittlesey Collapse": Late Prehistoric Pottery Migrations in Eastern Ohio Redmond, Ruhl
The Disappearance of the Monongahela: Solved? Richardson, Anderson, Cook
Protohistoric Monongahela Trade Relations: Evidence from the Foley Farm Phase Glass Beads Lapham, Johnson
Elites Among the Monongahela?: Evidence for Emergent Social Complexity in the Late
Prehistoric- Protohistoric Period of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Recent Research on the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians of Northern New York Abel
The Dunlap Famstead: a Market-dependent Farm in the Early History of the Maumee Valley of Ohio Stothers, Tucker

AENA#29...2001 (213pp)                                   
Of Discoidals and Monongahela: A League of Their Own? George
Vanished Beneath the Waves: The Lost History and Prehistory of Southwestern Lake Erie Coastal Marshes Stothers, Abel
Tokens of Their Love: Interpreting Native American Grave Goods from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York Veit, Bello
Early Late Woodland Social Interaction in the St. Lawrence River Valley Morin
What Happened in the Early Woodland? Fiedel
Climate and Culture Change in Prehistoric and Early Historic Eastern North America Anderson
Early and Middle Holocene Climate Changes and Settlement Patterns Along the Eastern Coast of North America McWeeney, Kellogg

AENA#28...2000 (155pp)                                        
Shell Ornaments from Cayuga County, New York Cowin
Calcined Turtle Bones from the Little Ossipee North Site in Southwestern Maine Sobolik, Will
Boning Up on the Mohawk: An Overview of Mohawk Faunal Assemblages and Subsistence Patterns Kuhn, Funk
Avon: A Small Paleoindian Site in the Western Maine Foothills Spiess, Hedden
The La Martre and Mitis Late Paleoindian Sites: A Reflection on the Peopling of  Southeastern Quebec Dumais
The Varney Farm Site and the Late Paleoindian Period in Northeastern North America Petersen, Bartone, Cox
A Second Dated Mastodon Bone Artifact from Pleistocene Deposits at the Hiscock Site Laub

AENA #27.. 1999 (197 pp)          
Prehistory of the St. Lawrence Headwaters Region Abel, Fuerst
Mississippian Expansion on the Eastern Frontier: One Strategy in the North Carolina Piedmont Woodall
What Makes a Good Gunflint? Luedtke
The Washademoak Lake Chert Source, Queens County, New Brunswick, Canada Black, Wilson
White Fort and the Middle Sandusky Tradition Occupation of the Black River Valley in Northern Ohio Redmond
Transitional Archaic Ideology as Reflected in Secondary Burials at the Millbury III Cremation Complex Leveillee
Two Fossilized Late Archaic Textiles from Maine: Pyrite Pseudomorphs from the Hartford Cemetery Site Blustain, Leveque, Robinson

AENA #22...1994 (223pp)           
The Mount Vernon Mound Site: A Remarkable Hopewell Mound in Posey County, Indiana (a.k.a. GE Mound) Tomak
Discovery of a Native American Cornfield on Cape Cod Mrozowski
Micromorphology of a Native American Cornfield Currie
Recent CRM Contributions to Iroquoian Archaeology in New York State Kuhn
The Taft Site: A Middle and Late Woodland Assemblage from the Virginia Coastal Plain Norton, Baird
Current Perspectives on the Late Prehistory of the Western Lake Erie region: An Alternative to Murphy and Ferris Stothers, et al
An Archaic and Woodland Period Fish Weir Complex in Central Maine Petersen, et al

AENA #20.. 1992, (184pp)           
16th Century Native Societies and Spanish Empire in the Southeastern US Milanich
The Neponset Paleoindian Site in Massachusetts Carty, Spiess
The Padula Site (36NM15) and Chert Resource Exploitation in the Middle Delaware Valley Bergman, et al
Chemical Variability of Carbonized Organic Matter Through Time Frink
Physiographic Variables Associated with Prehistoric Site Location in Upper Potomac River Basin, West Virginia Neumann
Early Evidence of Maize Agriculture in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont Heckenberger, Petersen, Sidell
The Mount Jasper lithic source, Berlin New Hampshire: National Register Of Historical Places Nomination and Commentary Boisvert
A 20 Year Index to AENA, Volumes 1-20  Curry

AENA #19..1991 (204pp)           
Examining Prehistoric Settlement Distribution in Eastern North America Anderson
Deep Time in the Potomac River Valley--Thoughts on Paleoindian Lifeways and Revisionist Archaeology Dent
Tide-Lock Chopper-Core Discovery and Analysis of a Cultural Anomaly in the Southern Terminus of the Santee Canal Newell, Upchurch, Goodyear
Notes on Broadspear Function Custer
Prehistoric Utilization of the Highland Metarhyolite Outcrop in the Maryland Blue Ridge Province Geasey, Ballweber
An Informed Public and the Future of Archaeology Bailey
Beads, Brass, and Beaver: Archaeological Reflections of Protohistoric "Fire Nation" Trade and Exchange Stothers, Abel
Site 95.20 and the Vergennes Phase in Maine Cox
A Red Paint Effigy from Wayne, Maine Spiess
The Impact of Old World diseases on the Native Inhabitants of the North Carolina Piedmont Ward, Davis
Agriculture, Climate, and Cultural Adaptation in the Prehistoric Northeast Demeritt

AENA #16.. 1988, (186pp)          
The Laurentian Concept: A Review Funk
A Model for the Prehistoric Distribution of Poor to Moderate Grade Raw Materials from their Source in Southeastern New England: The Attleboro Red Felsite Example Strauss, Murray
A Biocultural Evaluation of the Skeletal Population from the Nevin Site, Blue Hill, Maine Shaw
Maritime Adaptations in the Gulf of Maine Sanger
Coastal Adaptations in Southern New England and Southern New York Lavin
Coastal Adaptations in the Middle Atlantic Region Custer
Evidence for Coastal Adaptations in Georgia and South Carolina Reitz
Coastal Adaptations in Eastern Florida: Models and Methods Russo
Coastal Biogeography and Human Subsistence: Examples from the West Indies Davis

AENA #15..1987, (192pp)          
Algonquian Origins: A Problem in Archaeological -Linguistic Correlation Fiedel
Late Woodland Ceramics and Social Boundaries in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Northern Delmarva Peninsula Custer
Quartzite Petrography and its Implications for Prehistoric Use and Archaeological Analysis Ebright
Rhyolite Quarry and Quarry-related Sites in Maryland and Pennsylvania Stewart
A Quarry/Workshop and Processing Station on the Hudson River in Pleasantdale, New York Brumbach
The Plumsted Bottle Staats
Association of Man and Extirpated Fauna from New Paris, Pennsylvania Jackson
Magic and Ritual on the Open Ocean Strauss
Rethinking the Early Archaic Nicholas
The Auda Site: An Early Pickering Iroquois Component in Southeastern Ontario Kapches
Settlement Patterns at the Ball Site: A 17th Century Huron Village Knight

AENA #14..1986, (174 pp)        
The Piscataquis Archaeological Project: A Late Pleistocene and Holocene Occupational Sequence in Northern New England Petersen, et al
Differential Mortuary Treatment of Seneca Women: Some Social Inferences Sempowski
Analysis of Early Holocene Projectile Points and Site Locations from the Delmarva Peninsula Custer
Middle Woodland Ceramic Patterning in the Merrimack River Valley Bunker
Late Glacial and Post-glacial Sea Level History of New England: A Review of Available Sea Level Curves Oldale
Boom and Bust on the River: The Story of the Damariscotta Oyster Shell Heaps Sanger, Sanger
Late Woodland Cobble Flake Tools of the Delaware Valley Staats
A Re-analysis of the Shoop Site Cox

AENA #11..1983, (142pp)          
Comments on Fluted Point Survey (see #10) by Adovasio, Butler, Cotter, Funk, Futato, Gramly, Griffin, Grimes, Guthe, Purdy, Haynes, Moeller, Ritchie, and Storck
Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before: The Flint Run PaleoIndian Complex Revisited Gardner
Two Basic Paleo-Indian Lithic Traditions Evolving from a Southeastern Hearth (A Revolutionary Idea) Painter
The Fisher Site, Fluting Techniques, and Early Paleo-Indian Cultural Relationships Storck
Reduction Analysis of Simple Bone Industries: An Example from the Louisiana Coastal zone Davis, Kidder, Barondess
Cultural Continuity and Change: The Western Basin, Ontario Iroquois and Sandusky Traditions -- a 1982 perspective Stothers, Graves
The Moosehorn Fluted Point Discovery, Northern Maine Bonnichsen, Bourque, Young

AENA #6...1978, (108pp)         
Pleistocene Man in Florida Cockrell, Murphy
Prehistoric Mountaintop Occupations os Southern West Virginia Wilkins
Paleogeographic Analysis of Coastal Archaeological Settings in Delaware Kraft, John
Population Distribution in the Virginia Coastal Plain, 8000 B.C. to A.D. 1600 Turner
The "Hopewellian" Occupation of the Abbott Farm: A Demurrer Thurman
Bivariate Techniques and the Analysis of Artifact Types Wallace, Cook
Open Season on Sacred Cows Dincauze
Shaking Down the New Paradigm Snow
Archaeological Strata and Cultural Process Gruber

Archaeological Bibliography for Eastern North America 1977, (198pp)                    
Volume 3 in a series of bibliographies published by ESAF. Roger W. Moeller and John Reid, compilers. More than 8000 references on prehistoric archaeology published between 1963 and 1977 were selected from more than 350 journal titles in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, and related disciplines. All except book reviews are arranged alphabetically by author under the headings of culture history, artifacts and features, ecology, techniques, theory, mathematics, and physical anthropology. Reviews are arranged alphabetically by book title.